End Saddlebags Once and For All With Liposuction

More stock images - 102Liposuction has dethroned breast augmentation as the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in America over the past two years. Muffin tops, bingo arms, and love handles are the most popular areas targeted for liposuction. In males, there has also been a steady increase in liposuction of excess fat in the chest area. At our Campbell office, liposuction is also growing in popularity when it comes to improving the appearance of saddlebags.

More than just fat removal

Dr. Rosenthal’s approach in employing liposuction to reduce unsightly saddlebags is more than just fat removal. Removing excess fat in the outer thighs should be carefully performed because women still desire a curvy silhouette in their derriere. An experienced liposuction surgeon should avoid being too aggressive in removing fat in the outer thighs. Recovery from saddlebag liposuction may take a week, depending on the type of liposuction performed and the amount of excess fat removed.

Adjunctive procedures

In some cases, a thigh lift may be done in conjunction with liposuction if loose, sagging skin is also a concern. Liposuction of the love handles may also be recommended following removal of fat in the outer thighs to help enhance overall body contours. If love handles are not removed, there’s a huge chance that a woman’s body from behind will take on a square shape rather than the hourglass figure desired by majority of women.

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