Close up of cute asian girl with glowing skin against blue background. Beautiful face of girl with fresh healthy skin.

To Inject or Lift: That is the Question

Close up of cute asian girl with glowing skin against blue background. Beautiful face of girl with fresh healthy skin.We’ve come a long way since Cleopatra bathed in soured milk to improve her aging skin. Since that time, humans have tried numerous tactics to halt their aging process. To date, the best advances have involved surgery. When we decide we are done struggling with the signs of aging and want to look more like our younger selves, we can call a plastic surgeon. At the same time, we may also consider the value of the exciting injectable products that have been used for the past 20 or so years now. These two options alone can create a bit of confusion. Here, we look at both sides of the coin to begin to unravel the mystery of which is best. 

Injectable Facial Rejuvenation

Injectables have taken the beauty world by storm. At first, we started turning to Botox to smooth away those ever-deepening creases that were once dynamic. By that  we mean they disappeared when the face was at rest. Dynamic wrinkles are associated with facial movements, so we usually see them around the eyes and forehead area. Not long after we fell in love with Botox, dermal fillers became available. These injectables don’t work on muscles like Botox does, they work on soft tissue to plump areas of the skin that have lost volume in the form of fat and water. Dermal fillers can build out contours, erase lines, and improve facial proportions, all with a few injections. 

That brings us to the reasons why so many people think of injectables before they consider facelift surgery. They’re easy! The face can be beautifully rejuvenated all with a few injections. There is no downtime, really, except a few activity restrictions for a day or two after injectable treatment. In some cases, the results are immediately gratifying (Botox takes a few days to kick in). On the other hand, injectables only last so long. They aren’t really addressing the root problem of descending facial tissues, either, so can only do so much for so long. 

Rejuvenating through Surgery

Facelift surgery isn’t what it used to be. Today, surgeons know the exact plane of tissue to target for more dramatic but still natural-looking lifting and tightening. There is no denying that a facelift achieves improvements that outlast anything possible with a nonsurgical approach. The changes achieved through a facelift can take 10 years off of a person’s appearance, restoring youthful contours to the cheeks and jawline areas and smoothing out deep creases around the nose and mouth. The downside of a facelift is that there are risks associated with anesthesia and patients need about 2 weeks to recover. 

The great thing about the advances in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine is that there are ideal treatments out there for everyone. Contact us today at (408) 559-4700 to learn what that may be for you.