Nu-Derm System in San Jose & Los Gatos

Obagi is a skincare brand that Dr. Rosenthal trusts and recommends to her patients in San Jose. Obagi makes the Nu-Derm System, which helps reinvigorate the skin.

What is the Nu-Derm System?

Skin damage caused by daily exposure to the sun can slow down the skin’s natural process of replacing old, damaged skin cells with new, healthy replacements. The Nu-Derm System, together with tretinoin cream, targets these damaged skin cells. By using a Nu-Derm System routine, your skin will become healthier and will appear more radiant.

What skin conditions can be treated with the Nu-Derm System?

Nu-Derm products are ideally used to treat skin imperfections in the face, including age spots, wrinkles and fine lines, skin redness or erythema, skin laxity, roughness of the skin, skin discoloration, and sallowness or the yellowing of skin. Tretinoin cream is especially helpful in the treatment of acne vulgaris. The active ingredients in these products make the treatment more effective in addressing certain skin conditions and improving overall skin quality.

Which Nu-Derm System skin care products will I use?

Dr. Rosenthal provides two customized sets of these products: the Normal to Dry system and the Normal to Oily system. Dr. Rosenthal will recommend the set that is appropriate for you based on your skin type.