Brow Lift Recovery: What It’s Like?

faceIf a shot of Botox or sporting edgy bangs has failed in your quest for a wrinkle-free forehead, a brow lift could be next the next step. This facial rejuvenation procedure relaxes the forehead muscles, which in turn smoothes the overlying skin.

Surgeons now commonly use the endoscopic approach when performing a brow lift. The endoscopic approach offers the advantage of being less invasive because of the tiny incisions it employs in comparison to the traditional approach (with one long incision around the hairline). This means quicker recovery and faster healing. Bruising and swelling are common following a brow lift. Bruising can last from seven to 10 days; swelling peaks within 48 hours of surgery and may not subside until the third or fourth week post-surgery. Cold compresses work really well in reducing swelling within a short period of time.

Antibiotics may be prescribed to help prevent infection. Some patients complain about headaches post-surgery and pain medications may be prescribed for such concerns. Lastly, a certain degree of numbness is typical and can take up to a month to subside.

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