What You Need to Know About Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures are very popular and have been for several years. Adults in all stages of life can be helped by techniques that remove unwanted fat, enlarge or decrease the breasts, and lift sagging tissue. As a renowned plastic surgeon in the San Jose area, Dr. Rosenthal is familiar with the benefits of body contouring treatments like liposuction, abdominoplasty, and breast enhancement. Still, there is something important that patients should know if they are considering undergoing plastic surgery that may very well change their bodies forever.

Plastic Surgery Should Not be Trendy

There are trends in everything from makeup to hair to technology. There have even been trends in what is deemed an “ideal” body. Body type is not something that one can dictate; only our genes can do that. What we do from there is enhance what Mother Nature has given us. Or so it would seem. Throughout history, we can see several trends that relate to body type.

Early in the twentieth century, it was ideal to look like the Gibson Girl. This woman had curves galore. They often were not natural but induced by corsets so tight that they interfered with breathing. In the 1920s, the flat, Flapper body type was preferred over curves. Thirty years later, it was the Elizabeth Taylor hourglass figure that was “in style.” By the sixties, however, we were back to loving the flat curve-less waiflike shape. Most recently, we can remember the Booty Boom created by Kim Kardashian, and the voluptuous lips made popular by Kylie Jenner. In case you haven’t noticed, nearly every trend we’ve mentioned has come and gone. Only some circle around again. For this reason, it is important not to plan plastic surgery around any current ideal body type.

Where Plastic Surgery Comes In

Are we saying that people shouldn’t have plastic surgery? Not at all. There is significant value in a well-thought-out procedure that can update the face or transform the body in a particular way. That way is the way that enhances a person’s shape and appearance. Plastic surgery should never be done to look like someone else. It should never be done to make the body look unnatural. The purpose of plastic surgery is to make each patient look like them, only better.

If you want to look and feel like your best self, we can help. Dr. Rosenthal has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures throughout her career as an esteemed surgeon. To explore the procedures that are suitable for you, schedule a consultation at 408-840-2553.