Tummy Tuck: Definitely NOT a Cookie Cutter Treatment

Tummy TuckIf you have carried a child or have lost a substantial amount of weight, you have accomplished an impressive fete. Deep down, you may feel very proud of yourself. On a surface level, though, you may be struggling to accept how certain events in your life have changed your body. The stretching of the skin, muscle, and connective tissue across the midsection can permanently alter just how tight and tone this area will ever get again. If you are ready to explore a tried-and-true method of sculpting the abdominals, get in touch with us to schedule your abdominoplasty consultation. Our office in the Silicon Valley offers friendly, professional care to help you find your way to your best self.

Abdominoplasty: The Basics

Abdominoplasty is most frequently referred to as a tummy tuck. This procedure has helped many men and women receive the gratification they have sought by removing loose soft tissue and skin in the abdominal area. A tummy tuck is not a surface procedure; it goes deep, reshaping the rectus muscles to reveal a slimmer silhouette.

My Tummy Tuck is not Your Tummy Tuck

Dr. Rosenthal performs abdominoplasty with the precise technique that is suited to the individual patient. The process that is appropriate for you may not be ideal for another person. Recommendations are made based on medical history, including weight loss or pregnancy experiences and existing health conditions, such as diabetes. Lifestyle habits are also a factor in the type of tummy tuck a person may want.

The full tummy tuck, or “classic” abdominoplasty, tightens and refines the entire abdomen through an incision that runs from hip to hip. During this procedure, the belly button may be resized and positioned.

A tummy tuck may also extend beyond the front area of the abdomen. This extended abdominoplasty procedure tapers the sides, just above the hips, to eliminate “muffin top” that carries around the flanks.

There is also a mini-tuck that involves an incision that is similar to that used for a C-section. The mini tummy tuck is localized in the lower part of the abdomen, beneath the belly button. Like more extensive versions, though, the mini-tuck removes excess tissue and tightens underlying muscle for greater structure.

Let’s talk Fat Removal

Tummy tuck surgery is not a fat-reducing procedure. The objective of abdominoplasty is to sculpt the body through surgical muscle tightening. If there is a moderate degree of the stubborn abdominal fat present, patients may choose to combine their tummy tuck with liposuction. This gentle method of fat removal can maximize results by perfecting the masculine or feminine form.

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