Liposuction gets you Ready for Summer

In the months leading up to summer, many men and women amp up their diet and workout regimen in hopes of sloughing off their “winter coat.” The excess fat that may accumulate on the hips, thighs, abdomen, and other areas may be more difficult to drop than expected. This is especially trying when you eat good and make time in your busy schedule for exercise.

Belly fat is a particular concern for many of our patients. Around the midsection, fat resides at two different depths. Fat may accumulate above the muscles in a superficial layer just beneath the skin’s surface. Additional fatty deposits may develop within the abdominal walls. This layer of fat is actually the one that is most responsive to healthy eating and exercise that results in weight loss. The upper layer of fat, however, the one that can lead to unsightly cellulite in women, is more resistant. When superficial fat lingers regardless of your efforts, liposuction can be the solution you need.

Cosmetic Surgery gives you Fast Results that Last

liposuctionDr. Rosenthal has extensive training and experience in cosmetic surgery procedures. Considered one of the finest plastic surgeons in the Silicon Valley, she has the technical skill and artistic ability to address her patients’ diverse needs. Whether your stomach is not as flat as you wish, or you have struggled to rid your mid-section, flanks, or hips of stubborn fat that collected during pregnancy, your desired outcome can likely be achieved with the safe, effective liposuction procedure.

Liposuction has been performed by plastic surgeons for decades. Dr. Rosenthal performs this procedure using the latest techniques, which improves the final outcome. The use of ultrasound technology facilitates a gentle process because fat is liquefied before it is suctioned through a tiny cannula. In addition to breaking down fat for easier removal, ultrasound also heats the tissue just beneath the skin, which often results in a beautiful tightening effect that maximizes the appearance of the treated area.

Now is the time to plan for summer, and for the rest of your life! Stop living with stubborn fat. Call (408) 559-4700 to learn more about liposuction with ultrasound.